YOUNI-T (pronounced “UNITY”), The American Soca Queen, continues to make history as the first and only “All American” and Caucasian Soca artist on the entire planet. On a larger than life mission with a larger than life voice, YOUNI-T left her small town in Wisconsin and hit the Magic City of Miami to blaze her own trail and help launch Soca music to the mainstream masses. Mixing Soca rhythms with the signature sound of Miami along with sprinkles of RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, Dance, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Reggaeton, and Afro-beat, there is something for everyone in each new release. She calls her signature musical melting pot of sound- SOCAMERICA!

Traditionally, Soca music is the one love, feel good, freedom anthem found in every Caribbean Carnival and born in the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago (TnT). YOUNI-T has been grinding in the Soca game in TnT every Carnival season since 2014, performing live on carnival stages and on the biggest media platforms in the country including, Synergy TV, TTT TV, CNC3 TV, and OMG Live Online.  YOUN-T has also been featured in the top Newspapers of the Twin Islands, including Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, The Trinidad Express, as well as OMG Digital Magazine, and Sunshine Newspaper. In addition, YOUNI-T regularly hits the airwaves for live interviews and music releases on the top radio stations in Trinidad such as SLAM 100.5FM, SANGEET 106.1FM, WACK 90.1FM, I95.5FM, VIBE CT 105.1FM, and The Street 91.9FM.  She tears the roof off Carnival stages in New York, Miami, and San Diego, as well as shares some of the hottest Carnival "Fete" stages with Soca Icons such as Kes the Band, Patrice Roberts, Nailah Blackman, Nadia Batson, Mr. Killa, Super Blue, Nessa Preppy and Farmer Nappy . 

Using her powerhouse vocals to amplify the “SOUL” in Soul-Calypso (SoCa) she delivers a jaw dropping, fun-loving, and feel good flow, that leaves no doubt in the mind of music lovers everyhwere that she is on a mission to YOUNI-FY all mankind through the power of her SOCAMERICA music. Her tireless efforts continue to pay off, and her momentum continues to build. Soca Industry music professionals have lovingly dubbed her a “Cultural Ambassador of Soca Music and Trinidad and Tobago” and encourage her to “keep flying the flag!”  In July of 2019, YOUNI-T made history once again, when she was nominated “FLORIDA SOCA ARTIST OF THE YEAR” by the International Soca Awards Committee. 

YOUNI-T has proven herself an undeniable force to be reckoned with in the Soca Music game. With her vision locked on a "SOCA GRAMMY", YOUNI-T is now ready to dominate the American mainstream airwaves and is working her way into collaborations with some of the biggest names in the American music industry.  Buckle up and get ready...cuz this girl, and your mind are about to BLOW!...